Different Forms Of Green Energy You Should Know About

Green energy is sometimes referred as sustainable or renewable energy; it comes from sunlight, water, and the wind. Green energy comes from these natural sources, and it is environmentally friendly than any other source of energy. It doesn’t contribute to pollution, global warming and climate change as it is produced with little pollution than the traditional energy sources. Green sources of energy are renewable unlike oil, coal and any other source of energy meaning they provide naturally are in continuous supply. The following are popular types of green energy.

Wind powergregerfefregr

This source of energy has been used for several years. It can replace fossil fuels in generating energy sources. It is the primary energy source that can provide more than the current consumption of energy worldwide.

Solar energy

It is the traditional form of energy which relies on the sunlight. This energy can be collected and be used in many different ways. It can be used to generate electricity. Solar energy was left behind as fossil fuels were available and at an affordable price than solar energy, however, solar power has a higher potential for producing energy. We have to look forward to this option again since the supply of fossil fuels is not enough. Solar energy is the best choice as it does not cause environmental pollution like fossil fuels.

Geo Thermal power

This is energy that is from the earth; it’s the primary source is the heat that is contained inside the surface. It can replace the existing fuel usage and is more renewable as it is available in plenty. It can be used anywhere and can decrease the dependence of fossil fuel hence resulting in reduced energy costs. However, many problems stop us from using this source of energy though it is available in excess.

Hydroelectric energy

It is generated with the water cycle, and it is also known as hydropower. It is not very renewable as compared to another source of energy as it is costly to renew it.


vdssefejfbwjfbweIt is produced from organic wastes like the wood waste, trees, and agricultural residues decay. For instance, landfill offers a significant source of biomass. Landfills result from the waste we generate. It can be used for the generation of electricity as it can be converted to fuel through combustion.

There are other many forms of renewable or sustainable energy apart from the ones discussed above, that are utilized to produce electricity at a cheap cost compared to the costly fuels.