Benefits Of Music Awards To Musicians

When you are involved in the music industry whether as an individual, a group you might be able to participate in a concert one day. You might find yourself in the contest because someone who apart from your family feels that you are talented and your music is great. It is not bad to try performing to a large group. Who knows? Maybe that maybe the road to your destiny.

In the music industry too, you might stand a chance to win an award. Organizations such as MTV, BET, and other niche specific awards like the 2012 rock and roll hall of fame work hard to make awards successful. The award will speak more for you. Since you have heard it from people’s mouths, by receiving an award, it means that you are the best and can do it. The award may also make you feel that you are better than a particular musician and give you the ability to view yourself better than you have viewed yourself before. So what are the benefits of music awards to musicians?

Perks of getting music awards to musicians

Opportunity of expanding your talent


Some of the awards include winning yourself a chance into some of the best music academies. This is an opportunity for the musician to expand her musical talent. In the music academy, you are likely to meet other musicians and interact, and this will boost greatly your music ideas. Apart from this, you will have some of the best teachers who will teach you most important skills applicable in the music industry. Apart from that, you might be able to learn how to play some musical instruments which are an added advantage to you.

Financial assistance

One of the benefits of music awards to musicians is financial assistance. In most concerts, money is awarded to those who win. A large amount of money is given to the winners. This money can be used by the particular musicians to expand their music, their business, their personal life. The winner is free to use his or her money for whatever he or she wishes. It is with this money that some musicians come up with video recording studios that benefit them in many ways.

Guidance and advice on music

In most music awards, the participants always receive advice from experts in the music industry. They are guided on some aspects aimed at improving their music. Apart from that, musicians interact with other musicians, and they access music-making, mentoring and good performances on stage throughout the years. Any advice in the music sector will make your work incredible and good.

Show off your skills

lkdsnvlkaskdnvlksandvlknsadlkvnasdvasAs a musician, whether participating or not, you can show your skills to the crowds. The audience pay their money to watch you perform your work, and this gives you the opportunity to show the crowd how talented you are. You can become famous, and people can call you requesting you to perform, and this will be another chance for you to make more money. Performing before a large crowd will enable you to know that your skills are noticeable and you are among the best stars that have existed.


Different Forms Of Green Energy You Should Know About

Green energy is sometimes referred as sustainable or renewable energy; it comes from sunlight, water, and the wind. Green energy comes from these natural sources, and it is environmentally friendly than any other source of energy. It doesn’t contribute to pollution, global warming and climate change as it is produced with little pollution than the traditional energy sources. Green sources of energy are renewable unlike oil, coal and any other source of energy meaning they provide naturally are in continuous supply. The following are popular types of green energy.

Wind powergregerfefregr

This source of energy has been used for several years. It can replace fossil fuels in generating energy sources. It is the primary energy source that can provide more than the current consumption of energy worldwide.

Solar energy

It is the traditional form of energy which relies on the sunlight. This energy can be collected and be used in many different ways. It can be used to generate electricity. Solar energy was left behind as fossil fuels were available and at an affordable price than solar energy, however, solar power has a higher potential for producing energy. We have to look forward to this option again since the supply of fossil fuels is not enough. Solar energy is the best choice as it does not cause environmental pollution like fossil fuels.

Geo Thermal power

This is energy that is from the earth; it’s the primary source is the heat that is contained inside the surface. It can replace the existing fuel usage and is more renewable as it is available in plenty. It can be used anywhere and can decrease the dependence of fossil fuel hence resulting in reduced energy costs. However, many problems stop us from using this source of energy though it is available in excess.

Hydroelectric energy

It is generated with the water cycle, and it is also known as hydropower. It is not very renewable as compared to another source of energy as it is costly to renew it.


vdssefejfbwjfbweIt is produced from organic wastes like the wood waste, trees, and agricultural residues decay. For instance, landfill offers a significant source of biomass. Landfills result from the waste we generate. It can be used for the generation of electricity as it can be converted to fuel through combustion.

There are other many forms of renewable or sustainable energy apart from the ones discussed above, that are utilized to produce electricity at a cheap cost compared to the costly fuels.


Tips To Avoid A Car Crash

Every year thousands of people lose their lives or get injured in tragic accidents. Some factors like speed of the vehicle, the road environment, skills of the driver and the design of the car are the contributing factors. For whatever reasons traffic accidents are the worst case scenarios ever and the result to loss of property as well as life. The following are things if done in a different way; we can avoid road accidents.

Being cautious of blind spots

It is important to adjust your side mirrors, and the rear mirrors for a better view of the scene behind is okay but rely on them entirely. It is always nice to look at your lanes when driving so that you can be clear on points that the mirrors cannot detect; this can help you to avoid missing some scenes. Also, blind spots should be considered by all drivers especially the ones with heavy vehicles to avoid accidents.

Keep your eyes on the road aheadfrgreuhu

You should look in front and analyze the traffic ahead of you. Be cautious on the vehicles ahead of you. It helps in detecting a problem and having enough time to react as per expected to avoid a serious event. This will help in case of an immediate stop; you will have enough time to avoid rear-ending of the vehicle front of you.

Keep A Safe Distance

It takes a few seconds for the car to stop when you push the brakes as you have to think, then react on pushing the brakes. Your safe distance depends on the speed you are traveling in. It is important to keep a safe distance as there is a possibility of sliding when you push on the brakes. It is advisable to have more safe distance if you are at high speed.

Understand the limits of the vehicle you are driving

rt5eth45uhtu45Be it a sports or minivan, always be aware of the limits of the vehicle you are driving. It is always important to judge on how you can react to different situations. Be informed about your tires and brakes. Know things like, how much grip the tire has and what time does you can take to break when you apply maximum pressure will help in stopping a vehicle to crash.

Follow the laws

Accidents do occur as many people do not follow the laws. Laws are there to keep the individuals around you and you safe; there are not there to align your driving skills.

Berliner Kunstverein

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Hamster machen das Rennen.

Im Rahmen des Projektes Kritische Masse – einer rizomatischen
Kooperation vom Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, der Kunsthallen in Ahlen und in
Münster, dem Fritz Winter Haus, dem Westfälischen Kunstverein, dem Kloster
Gravenhorst sowie der Galerie Münsterland – veranstaltete der BERLINER
KUNSTVEREIN seinen ersten open call zum Thema GELD UND ENERGIE.
Gefördert werden sollten besonders hochwertige Arbeiten aus dem Sektor der
aktuellen Kunst und der Produktion an sich. Kurz all das, was dazu geeignet
scheint, die Beschleunigung einer kritischen Masse im Sinne von Kunst und
Leben viral oder postneutral anzutreiben.

Angeschrieben waren alle 5000 Facebook Freunde des Berliner Kunstvereins, an
dem Wettbewerb teilzunehmen.
Die Beiträge wurden von den Wettbewerbsteilnehmern direkt auf unseren
dort konnte man sich auch bewerben. Join now and be inspired by Marilyn Manson’s “the high end of low songs“.

Oliver Breitenstein und Ruppe Koselleck sowie Kunsthund Bobby
( einigten sich nach vielen erfreulichen Stunden der
Juryarbeit auf den Wettbewerbsbeitrag von Sophia Hirsch (Berlin) und Johannes
Mundiger (Berlin). Das unerbittliche Strampeln von zehn Hamstern ergibt ein
fantastisches Bild von vergnüglicher Vergeblichkeit. Folgen Sie bitte dazu den
Link direkt zur Arbeit!

Ihre Arbeit überzeugt durch einen anwenderfreundlichen Humor, der ebenso der
Bildung einer kritischen Masse Vorschub leistet, wie sie der Erweiterung
unseres humanen Reflexionsvermögen dienlich scheint.

Knapp fassen die Künstler dazu in einem deskriptiven Statement zusammen: “10
Hamster strampeln in 10 kleinen Hamsterrädern und erzeugen so süß,
umweltschonend und gesundheitsfördernd Strom für das 1120x160mm große
Laufschriftdisplay, auf welchem über einprägsame Slogans gegen die
Finanzwirtschaft sensibilisiert wird.”

Über die Slogans freuen wir uns jetzt schon, wenn wir am 15. Febr. 2013 in die
Von Vincke Strasse 17 einladen um ab 19:30 Uhr im festlichen Rahmen das
Preisgeld von 2000,- Euro zu überreichen.

Bis dahin steht dann auch der 2. Sieger (1000,-) fest, den auch Sie noch
beeinflussen können – per Mausklick auf unseren Seiten. Hier:

Das Rankig führt bis heute das Projekt Thermografie von Gisa Pantel und Katja
Kottmann mit nur 40 Klicks. Da ist noch Spiel drinne…

Ruppe Koselleck und Oliver Breitenstein für den

Der Open Call wird von dem Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, der Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Soziokultureller Zentren, dem Land NRW und dem Gesamtprojekt „Kritische Masse“ gefördert. Logos: them soon come.

Berliner Kunstverein, Hafenweg 28, 48155 Münster.

Fördern Sie die Arbeit des Berliner Kunstvereins: